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Advancing Excellence in Higher Education through Quality Assurance ''QA''

Our comprehensive assistance includes robust support for QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) reviews and assessments. We implement a systematic QA process to uphold and enhance the quality and standards of academic programs, institutions, and related services. This approach encompasses activities such as curriculum reviews, rigorous assessments, accreditation procedures, and continuous improvement initiatives. Our goal is to surpass established benchmarks and provide substantial value to students and stakeholders in the field of higher education.

Navigating the International Quality Review Process: A Comprehensive Overview

As dedicated agents providing essential support to Higher Education (HE) institutions globally, we facilitate their engagement in the International Quality Review (IQR) through a seamless five-stage process

Stage 1: Application - Expert Guidance for Seamless Submission

Embarking on the IQR journey, institutions initiate Stage 1 by completing an application form and presenting evidence that demonstrates alignment with eligibility criteria. Our unwavering support extends to providing expert guidance, ensuring a thorough review by the Screening Panel. We navigate institutions toward optimal readiness for the subsequent stages of the process.

Stage 2: Scoping - Facilitating Your Virtual Visit

As institutions progress to Stage 2, our support remains steadfast during the scoping phase. When the virtual visit takes place, we provide valuable assistance to ensure a smooth process. From clarifying requirements to offering insights, our dedicated support is aimed at optimizing your engagement with the scoping stage of the International Quality Review.

Stage 3: Review - Navigating Self-Evaluation and Evidence

In Stage 3 of the International Quality Review, our unwavering support extends to guide institutions through the self-evaluation process. We assist in the preparation of the self-evaluation document (SED) and provide valuable insights on compiling relevant evidence. Throughout the review, our aim is to facilitate a comprehensive demonstration of how your institution aligns with the 10 Standards outlined in Part 1 of the ESG.

Stage 4: Accreditation - Advisory Support for Presentation and Decision

At Stage 4 of the International Quality Review, our role as an intermediary involves engaging with QAA on behalf of higher education institutions. We provide advisory support in presenting the review report and accreditation recommendations to QAA. Throughout this stage, we engage in discussions, offer guidance, and provide valuable advice, ensuring a collaborative approach to decision-making. Our goal is to facilitate a comprehensive understanding between the institution and QAA, assisting in the accreditation decision-making process.

Stage 5: Mid-cycle Review
Ongoing Advisory Assistance

In the Mid-cycle Review, conducted two to three years post a successful International Quality Review, our continuous advisory assistance plays a crucial role. While the institution undertakes a desk-based study to address recommendations and findings, we offer ongoing support. This involves facilitating the evidence submission process and aiding the institution in showcasing progress and changes. Throughout this stage, we collaborate with the institution to outline adjustments impacting compliance with standards. Our commitment extends towards ensuring a seamless mid-cycle review and preparing for the subsequent accreditation renewal process.

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By leveraging our support, your institution can navigate the review process seamlessly, ensuring alignment with the standards for internal quality assurance and demonstrating commitment to excellence in HE.

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